Terms and conditionsGeneral Terms and Conditions

When you enter the casino these terms and conditions apply to you and are binding if you wish to participate. The Terms and Conditions listed below replace any pre-existing ones that may have been featured previously. For the same of these Terms and Conditions:

Account – refers to a unique account that has been issued to you by the casino

Agreement – refers to these Terms and Conditions

Casino – means the casino that is situated at the Casino Website and is owned and operated by us

Casino Website – refers to all slots

Charge-back – occurs when you or a banking organization or third party payment solution effects a reversal of charges in relation to your card or third party deposit transaction

Dormant Account – an Account that has been inactive for 6 months or more

Dormant Player – refers to a player with a Dormant Account

Guest Player – a player that utilizes free-play credits with no monetary value

Locked Account Player – means a player with a locked Account

Locker Player Account – refers to an Account that has been locked, closed or excluded

Participate – means without limitation, and of the conduct described in the codes below and visiting the Casino Website and/or playing any games offered by the Casino, at the Casino and/or utilizing the Casino and/or Casino Website and Software in any manner whatsoever

Players – means any Real Player, be it Guest, Dominant or Locked Account players

Real Player – refers to a Player that utilizes real money to place wagers

Service – is the ability to and provision of Software enabling you to gamble

Software – refers to any software owned or licensed by us that can be downloaded for you to participate in at the Casino and/or and Flash game versions that do not require downloading

Your Jurisdiction – means the jurisdiction where you work, reside or are domiciled.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

You should always remember that nothing is truly for free. Every casino offers special signup bonuses, usually in the amount relative to your first deposit. There is usually some sort of string attached. You often find you have to make wagers that total more than 15x the deposit and the Bonus combined. This means you have to make a certain amount of bets before you can withdraw any winnings. For example, if you deposit 100 you will get 100 free which gives you a total of 200 to play with. At 15x this amount, you need to wager at least 3000 in bets before you are eligible to make any withdrawals. Some games are excluded from these wagering requirements so that players do not take advantage of their free Bonuses. It is therefore recommended to not take any bonuses because they often end up more hassle than they are worth.

Country Based Restrictions

Depending on your country of residence, restrictions will apply to the casino regarding using bonuses, redeeming chips and deposits via credit card. Any restriction can be lifted on an individual basis so you need to carefully go through all constraints that may apply to you. It is always advised to contact the casino beforehand to verify restrictions and any appeals you may want to make regarding them. The casino will always review your account and case before making a final decision.

Restricted Countries and age Restrictions

The most important thing to initially consider is whether you are eligible to join and play. You can start by looking at the list of restricted countries and minimum age requirements. You want to look at jurisdictions and countries when trying to locate restricted areas. Some online casinos will not explicitly ban a country. When it comes to age restrictions, as long as you meet them you can play; if not you need to find another place.

Important Information About Check Payments

Any payments received by check have to be deposited into a banking institution within thirty days of its issue. Any delays can result in the check becoming void and in the event this happens, the company is not responsible and a reissued check will not be given. If any of these requirements are not satisfied, the company is not responsible and no check will be reissued.

Checks have to be deposited into your bank account and not cashed

Checks cannot be endorsed by a third party in any situation

You are never allowed to mention that the checks are related to online gambling or gaming

Approval of Withdrawals

All withdrawal requests need to be reviewed and approved y the casino before being sent for payment. Casinos typically offer express and standard approval for withdrawals. Depending on what you qualify for, your money will be approved in one of the follolwing ways.

Express Approval: This entails a withdrawal request being reviewed and approved or denied within 3 business days of the request. If a withdrawal is $200 or less or if a match bonus valued at 1-100% is used, these requests will qualify for Express Approval. Requests that are not eligible include those where the last bonus used before requesting a withdrawal is greater than 100%, when no bonuses are used or when the amount is greater than $200. Additionally, winnings from a No Deposit Bonus are not eligible for Express Approval.

Standard Approval: All Standard requests are reviewed and approved or denied within 7 to 10 business days of the request being made.

Payments are made within 10 business days of Express or Standard approvals. Any international transactions may have additional charges because of currency conversion and processing fees.

Third Party Communications

The casino does not have control over third party marketing communications. This includes but is not limited to affiliate programs, marketing agencies or promotional agencies. In the event you ever feel you are the victim of spam activities you are advised to contact the casino right away. Every effort is made to contact the third party to have your details removed from their database so no further communication reaches you with their marketing or promotional spam. While we do the best we can, the casino is not able to offer definitive resolutions regarding such requests to third parties.